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Do you happen live in Alpharetta and the surrounding areas and you are experiencing any plumbing problem? Worry not – PlumbWise Inc. is there to solve all your plumbing issues.

This company understands how a broken pipe can be a mess to both your home and at your workplace. They do both residential and commercial plumbing. They can ensure that they give you quality services. In fact, they will do this the first time. The company is family-owned, and therefore will take pride in serving families and businesses in the community.

PlumbWise always minds its client’s money, and for this reason, they employ prompt, courteous, and a licensed plumber who will look for the best way to solve your problem and at the same time save your money. They are all highly skilled, expertly trained and dedicated professionals who are always ready for work. They will arrive in good time with no delays. When dealing with their staff, you can be assured you are in good hands.

Why Choose PlumbWise?

There is a wide range of companies that will offer you plumbing services but be sure to go for the best, PlumbWise Inc. They value customers and understand that every customer has different needs. Staff will ensure they deliver quality services and leave you satisfied. They are not the type who provide services and leave you calling other plumbers or them again for unfinished work.

With PlumbWise Inc. you are assured of your safety. They are fully insured and are made of staff and technicians who are both  licensed and experienced in the field. The company’s family owned and properly managed – with prices that will outdo competitors. They pride themselves on genuine and reliable service. PlumbWise uses high-quality materials and authorized technicians for the safety of your home. You can never get better quotation for quality services than what they offer. Their plumbing services are unmatched and craft to the homeowners and business owners of the Northern Atlanta metropolitan area and beyond.

Services Offered

  • Install and Repair Fixtures
  • Water Heater Install or Repair
  • Recirculating Pumps & Tankless Water Heaters
  • Boiler Installation or Repair
  • Bathroom Renovations
  • Kitchen Renovations
  • Gas Line Installation
  • Water Piping Installation or Repair
  • Troubleshooting leaks and clogs in sinks, toilets, faucets, bathtubs, sewer pipe

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PlumbWise Inc. is undoubtedly the finest plumbing company in Atlanta.

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Streamline Your Kitchen and Simplify Your Life

Whether you cook three times a day or just once in a blue moon, simplifying how your kitchen looks can make your life easier and less stressful.

The kitchen has always been the site of gatherings. The next time you host a party in your home or attend one, take a look at where everyone goes. You will find out that many people will congregate in the kitchen. Consequently, you will want your kitchen to be neat and tidy. This makes it presentable for company and easier to find things when you need them. When your kitchen is streamlined, you will optimize your ability to find and use the tools you need whenever you are cooking or serving.

Part of streamlining your kitchen is to make your home easier to keep clean. The fewer appliances, dishes, and utensils you have in your kitchen, the less amount of time it will take for you to clean the room. You do not want to have to keep moving rarely used appliances out of the way to clean behind them or try to find somewhere in which they can be stored. The less time you take to clean your kitchen, the more time you will have for the things that you would really rather be doing.

A streamlined kitchen is also an efficient kitchen. If your cabinets are only filled with cooking and serving essentials, you will be able to find things with greater ease. When a recipe calls for you to use a measuring cup, you will be able to quickly lay your hands on the needed item without delay. Making efficient use of your kitchen space requires you to get rid of unnecessary cookware, serving pieces, and especially appliances.

The method used to streamline your kitchen is simple, but you will need to be ruthless. As you are cleaning out your kitchen of things you rarely use, if the item still works and is in good condition, you could donate it, otherwise, throw it in the garbage. Or if we are talking about huge old kitchen furniture or appliances you wanna get rid of, you can just call for an Atlanta junk removal service for your convenience.

Take stock of every item in your kitchen. Start with the drawers and the utensils inside. You might have gotten a great set of fondue forks at your wedding, but ask yourself when was the last time you used them. If any item you come across has not been used within the last six months, it will only collect dust and you should get rid of it. The one exception would be for items of extreme sentimental value such as a set of china or a special holiday serving dish.

Once you have gotten rid of the items you do not use you will find that you feel more relaxed in your kitchen. Clutter can cause stress in people without them realizing it. A neat and clutter-less kitchen will allow you to more thoroughly enjoy your cooking space.

4 Tips To Increase Your House’s ROI Value

As a homeowner, you might be looking to sell your house right now or might be thinking of doing it sometime later. For this, you always need to keep your home in the perfect condition. Moreover, there are a few things you can do to increase your house’s value so when the perfect time comes around you know that your home will be worth a great amount of money.

Make it look more appealing

Did you know that installing a new roof could increase your property’s value by a few thousand dollars? Not only that but you could cover its installation cost and earn a profit owing to the difference it makes in the general appearance of the house.

Remember, in real estate, people will judge a book by its cover so you need to spend the maximum on it. Whether its changing your roofing ballarat, the exterior paint or adding a lawn, all these thing make a huge difference when it comes to asking for the price you want.

After you’ve worked on the outside of the home, it’s time to focus on the inside. Always make sure that your kitchen and bathroom look good because that is what people look at. If new appliances, tiles and window-work is not there, then no one would be willing to buy the property!

Make the size bigger

One of the main things that people look at in a home is the sheer size of it. There are many different types of buyers but they always want to look at the size of the home. It is best to add a room or a bathroom or even a study if you have the extra space present.

Not only will this utilize the space but it will also increase the price of the house whenever you want to put it out in the market.

Add smart technology

It is the age of smart technology! Not only are these just your mobile phones or your laptops, they are now devices present inside the home as well. Smart devices for your home now cover thermostats, security cameras, door locks, fire detectors and much more.

These devices help keep you safe while providing immediate help to if any problem occurs. They might be costly to install but keep in the mind the long run benefit that they increase the value of the house.

Keep it problem free

A key aspect to increase the value of your house is to make it very low maintenance. One thing that puts off prospective buyers is when they have to constantly keep fixing things that go wrong in the house. This can be solved if you put in good quality fittings and materials at the very start. Moreover, replace integral parts of the house such as the furnace or the roof when you put your house up for sale.

Working on a few key things can help you increase the value of your house and get you a good price so do try them out!

Basics of Out Buildings

Out buildings are great for storing all of your outdoor garden equipment like lawnmowers, weed eaters, hedge trimmers and the like. It’s also good for small tools and basic equipment. Maybe you can even use it to cover outdoor well equipment. Whatever you use your out building for, there are a few basic facts you should know before you buy or build your own outbuilding.

Whether you buy an outbuilding from your local home improvement center, hardware store or farm supply outfitter; or simply build your own outbuilding from scratch, the basics of outbuildings remain the same.

A good outbuilding always starts at the foundation. Your geographic location, your slope of the land and local building codes will help you decide the first step. Contact the local building department in your area first before you begin. They can give you a rough idea of what needs to be done prior to placing the outbuilding on your property.

Once you’ve secured all of the proper permits, you can begin ground breaking. Call the local utility companies before you dig. If you even need to dig. If the area you select for your outbuilding is within two inches of level on either end you are good to go for an off site purchase, so long as you have clear access for a delivery truck to the site. No way you can back up a truck in your backyard? Time to build from scratch!

In some cases, sheds can be delivered near the site and several dollies with outdoor tires can help move the outbuilding to its desired location. Don’t forget about having plenty of dumb muscle around to get it from the front yard to the back.

You can do all of the moving and placing and planning you want, but without a good foundation to place your outbuilding on, it’s just not going to work. A good solid and level foundation is critical to proper outbuilding placement.

In some cases, outbuildings can be placed on compacted gravel. This is one of the cheapest methods available. Simply dig out a few 16×16 footers and back fill with 4″ of fine gravel and compact. Keep repeating until the gravel is flush with the surface of soil at its lowest point. Use blocks and gravel to level the outbuilding.

Installing a Flush-Mount Cabinet

Unlike traditional recessed medicine cabinets, flush-mount cabinets hang on top of the wall’s surface. This makes them much easier to install because they do not require any cutting into the wall. Flush-mount cabinets are often the only option for apartment renters who are not allowed to make major renovations to their unit. They also offer more flexibility than installing traditional cabinets and can easily be switched to a different style if you decide on a new decorating scheme for your home.

Installing a flush-mount cabinet: Finding the studs

When deciding where to install your flush-mount bathroom cabinet, you must first locate the studs inside the wall. Once you know where the studs are, you can measure the available width and select a cabinet that is the right size to cover the space when centered on a stud. Using a stud finder is the easiest way to locate the studs, but most bathroom walls are thin enough that the old-fashioned tapping method still works. Simply tap the wall until you hear the solid sound of a stud behind the drywall. The space between studs should give a noticeably more hollow sound.

Installing a flush-mount cabinet: Testing your stud locations

Drive in a series of test nails to be sure you have accurately located the stud. Begin with one test nail in your estimate of the stud’s center. If it goes in solidly, drive in two more nails, each of them about 3/4 inch to the side of the first nail. If either one of these nails misses the stud, adjust your estimate of the stud’s center and try again until you have a series of three solid points, all 3/4 of an inch apart. If you can, try to find a second stud and use both of those to hang your flush-mount bathroom cabinet. This gives you a much sturdier base and will prevent the cabinet from swinging or wobbling on the wall.

Installing a flush-mount cabinet: Use wall anchors when necessary

You can further reinforce your flush-mount bathroom cabinet by placing plastic wall anchors into each hole before the installation. This will greatly reduce the swinging and twisting that can occur if you are unable to find more than one stud to use as a base for the cabinet. After locating the studs, clearly mark off your hole locations, drill the holes, and install your wall anchors. If you are only using one stud, be sure to drill a series of holes near the top and bottom of your flush-mount cabinet, along with several in the middle if you have space.

Decorating Ideas for Making Your Home Exercise Room / Gym More Appealing

Do you find that you are not inspired to exercise even though you have a home gym or exercise room in your home? The problem may be that you find the room cold, uninspiring and unappealing. This area is often ignored due and thought of a rough and rugged utilitarian room instead of a pleasant room to enjoy. Here are some small exercise room design ideas to make your space more enjoyable and inviting.

Creative Use of Mirrors: I think the reason I avoided my own home gym, previously decorated by my husband is the full wall of mirrors. I already know what I look like. I really don’t need a full sized constant reminder from every angle in the room. I was actually kind of glad when a nephew threw a toy car and cracked the mirrors. They had to go. Instead of the shocking wall to wall mirrors, how about just one floor mirror in the corner that you can stand in front of when you want to check out the physique.

Colors that make you move: Instead of stale industrial grays, and other boring colors, use colors that energize. Paint your home gym red, purple, or even orange or school bus yellow. You want to jump up and down when you are in your home gym, not take a nap. Of course, painting the entire room that color may be overwhelming, so breaking up the wall color with posters and prints might also be a good idea.

Media to keep you engaged: Who is going to exercise if they are just staring at a wall? You will need music and a television in the room to give you something to think about besides how tired you are. If possible, you can even set up computer monitor on the wall in front of the treadmill with a portable keyboard that can be placed on the console so you can read your emails and surf the web while you work.

Ideas for relaxation: The exercise room should also be conducive for gentle stretch sessions and yoga. Make sure you have dimmers on your lights, and some candles on a low table to set the mood for these low-key exercise sessions.

So if you find that you are not using your exercise room like you want to, maybe you should go and consider redecorating the room. Once you do that, you won’t have any more excuses.

Choosing the Right Flooring for Your Outdoor Space

If you’re redoing your outdoor space, or you’ve bought a home and you’re creating your first outdoor space; you’ll need to consider what kind of flooring to use. Sometimes the answer may be obvious, but in some cases, it may not be. Be sure to check out all of your options and see which ways work best with your budget. Keep in mind that gorgeous teak deck might look great, but it’s certainly not the most budget-friendly, nor is it very eco-friendly either.

The first step to a proper outdoor space is to consider what you’ll be doing in that space. Do you intend on having large gatherings of family or friends, or small, simple weekend get-togethers. Will you be sitting outside in your space reading the morning paper on a daily basis, or will you just be using it for the occasional weekend gathering. How many people do you normally cater to when you have gatherings, and so forth. Keep all of these things in mind, because you don’t want to design a space that’s too small, or potentially too large; for whatever the space is actually being used for.

If you’re interested in doing the project yourself, consider how much time it will actually take you and how much time you have available. When tackling the project yourself, you need to take in many different aspects of the project: durability of the materials, whether or not your space will need some kind of drainage, the time and maintenance for the space, and so forth. Last but not least, your budget.

Wooden decks are a great and very popular option. You can use woods local to your region to ensure their durability in your climate. If you’re interested in eco-friendly alternatives, you can also purchase bamboo to build your outdoor space. Bamboo is a great option because it’s easily renewable (within 5 years to reach maturity,) and it’s extremely durable. Bamboo may cost a little bit extra, but in the end it may be worth it – especially if you’re looking for less destructive ways to create an outdoor space. If you’re not interested in bamboo, but you don’t want to use new plywood to create your outdoor space, consider using reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood is a great option, especially for outdoor spaces.

You can also choose a wide variety of stone for your outdoor space. Take into consideration that you may need to regularly weed between the cracks of stone and it can become uneven if not installed properly. You can use sand to help keep your floor even. Avoid pebbles, gravel or other smaller rocks because they can become especially uncomfortable to stand on. Also, they don’t allow for easy placement of furniture; and they can be haven to unwanted pests such as spiders or ants.

Your outdoor space should reflect you and your needs, rather than the latest and greatest magazine photo – so keep in mind that this is about you and your family.

Source: Personal Experience

Bathroom Renovation – Things to be Considered Before You Start

If you are planning to renovate your home then you should start with the bathroom renovation first. Bathrooms are very important component of every house Also bathrooms attract people and eventually sell houses. So in order to make a house appealing, special emphasis should be given towards renovating the bathrooms. Again a great bathroom will also give you good buyers as well as a few thousand extra dollars while selling.

While renovating bathrooms a few things should be considered: Those will make your job easier and smoother. The following are some of the things to be considered while renovating your bathroom:

  • The first and foremost thing to be considered while renovating your bathroom is your budget. How much are you willing to pay for your bathroom and how much you can afford to spend? The cost will very according to the materials and designs that you choose. So before starting your renovation work first prepare a budget in accordance with your taste, your vision of your future bathroom as well as your affordability.
  • The second important task for you to do is to higher a designer. A bathroom designer will be able to give you the right advice which will save your money and time and will also save you from making any mistake while renovating. Your designer should be a certified one.
  • You will surely want your renovated bathroom to be a trendy and stylish one. Current popular bathroom trends are beautiful and elegant lighting, vessel sinks, rain shower and designer faucets which add beauty to your bathroom. The new designer tubs are elegant in shape and look and increase the appeal of a bathroom.
  • Another important thing to be considered while renovating a bathroom is the type of bathroom it is. If it is a master bathroom then you can afford to spend extra money renovating it. But you will surely not want to spend too much money on guest baths and other lower level bathrooms.
  • While making a contract with a renovation agency you must run a thorough check up. Try to find out if the company does quality work or not. Customer reviews and local information will help you in this field. You can search online for good renovation agencies where you will also get customer reviews.
  • The next thing to be considered while preparing a plan for bathroom renovation is the neighbourhood where your house is located. Search through the real estate ads and reviews of your area. This will give you an idea about the number and kinds of baths most of the houses have. Thus you will be in a better position to decide what are the renovating works that you need to undertake for your bathrooms
  • Selection of accessories is a very important aspect of bathroom renovation. In fact sometimes adding of a few small but important accessories and items inside the bathrooms helps in giving it a very attractive and appealing look. For example an elegantly designed mirror will increase the beauty and uniqueness of your bathroom to a large extent. Similarly keeping beautiful plants inside your bathroom also makes it welcoming. Also make provision that natural light enters your bathroom as much as possible.

How to Make Your Garage the Coolest Place in the house

The doors have been designed and proposed as the perfect choice for your home and workplace. These elegant doors create free space and also give a beautiful appearance to your residential and commercial area. These products are designed with high-quality materials, such as steel, aluminum, wood, etc. One can find incredible collections that include patterned, colored or mirrored glass panels to choose from.

Interestingly, the use of mirrors is not to give the products a lightweight, but to give your garage a memorable appearance. The raised steel doors are also perfect for those looking for an integrated function. Therefore, these types of doors are in high demand to extract excessive heat and provide a calm environment inside the house.

Importance of the having the right garage door in your home

People may need right garage doors to make the garage the coolest place in the house. Some ask because they are building a garage for the first time, so they need one, while others can get their old garages refurbished and what better than a new garage door. Sometimes, external forces cause significant damage to garage doors, which also makes the installation of an entirely new door important. Whatever the reason, all you need is a beautiful garage door that keeps things inside while taking care of your appeal.

The need for the right garage door starts from your own home. In case you want a replacement, you must consider the reasons that lead to the damage of the previous garage door. These can be dominant external factors, or a child hitting the door hard with your cycle, and more reasons. Being clear on this point will help you know the qualities that are important for the new garage door. For those who are building a new home, they should be aware of the measures of their garage, so that they can get an appropriate door of the same size.

Tips for Keeping Your Garage Doors Safe

It is true that a house with a garage door is charming and offers extra storage space and some additional benefits. But these benefits can become passive if security is not maintained correctly. You must keep your garage door in good working order, which will ensure the safety of your belongings and your family members. Let us explore some of the safety tips for your home.

Keep the door opener in a safe place

First and foremost important safety tips for the garage door is to make sure the doors are out of reach of the wrong hands, such as children. You must keep the remote in a safe place where young children cannot access to ensure safety.

Check the gears

It is essential to take time each month and hire garage door repair professionals to inspect the equipment. That is designed with sophisticated hardware that an expert technician can understand and manage. The professional technician will adequately check the rollers, cables, springs and pulleys to make sure all parts of the equipment are working correctly.

Avoid keeping a door partially open

You should never leave your garage door partially open as it poses a risk to both safety and security. A partial opening can allow any criminal to enter the garage (and perhaps your house) or it can cause an unwanted incident as if someone could be trapped underneath if the garage door is reactivated.

Always lock the door

To avoid any invasion, you must lock the garage door of your house when leaving. It is also essential to keep your remote in the right place, be sure not to leave the remote with a parking attendant. To ensure safety, you must periodically change the access codes or standard codes on the opener and remotes.


To protect your home and loved ones, you should follow the advice of the garage door and also rely on experienced technicians. You can contact a reputable company to get professional repair and garage door maintenance, which will ensure the highest level of security and protection for your home. Whether you need a spring replacement or garage door repair, hiring experienced professionals will help you a lot.

Homemade Airfresheners: Create Lasting Home Fragrances

I love to walk down the fragrance aisles in department stores; the scents so relaxing. I buy the scents that I want, take them home; hoping that the scents would linger in my home in same the manner as the fragrance aisles. Only to find that the scents subside in a couple of days. The scents from aerosol sprays fade quickly and leave chemicals in the air that often irritate my sinuses long after the scent is gone. I have bought a number of air fresheners that smelled awesome and promised 60 days of scented bliss, only to fade away into nothing. So, I went on a mission to make scents that would last longer. These handmade items can not only be cheaper, but, safer for use in your home. They create a subtle scent and you control the life of the scent by adding essential oils from time to time.

Sachet Pillows

You can use decorative paper or a light weight cloth. Cut 4 inch squares, then, glue gun or stitch three sides. Cut a two inch ribbon. Fill the squares with your choice of potpourri, make a loop with your ribbon and sew it into the open end. Hang or place these sachets in various spots in the house, like the bathroom, window seals, and behind pictures. You can refresh them from time to time with essential oils.

Homemade Paper

This a very cheap way to make scented paper. Shred about four or five cups of tissue into two cups of water, let it soak until the paper breaks down. You can add bits of construction paper for color. You can also place your soaking paper in the blender. Pour the paper through a strainer. Select a small decorative mold and pour the mixture into the mold, use a sponge to take out as much water as possible, squeezing the sponge often. Once you are comfortable that most of the water has been removed, add your choice of essential oil. Let the paper sit in the mold until it is dry enough to handle. When it has completely air dried, glue a ribbon loop to the back, if you like. You can uses these in the same manner as the sachets.

Plaster Decorations

Select decorative molds, mix the plaster of paris according to the package instructions. Mix in essential oils of your choice. You can also add water color or paint it after it is dry. Create a loop and press it into the wet plaster. Let dry. Because plaster of paris is porous, you can refresh the scent with essential oils later.

These would make lovely gifts for any occasion. Just create your scented art and arrange in a decorative basket.

Modular Homes Vs. Conventional Frame

For those who don’t know, modular homes are homes built in a factory setting. Mass produced components are built in the factory, shipped anywhere in the world, then assembled onsite. You may think that a modular home is the same thing as a trailer, but you’d be wrong. What separates a modular home from its cousin the trailer, is the trailer rests on steel beams while the modular home, rests on a foundation and stem wall.

Why the difference? Price. A factory mass produces both products, however a home built on steel beams can be built in such a way as to conform to vehicular standards. These building codes are much less aggressive than permanent structure codes and therefore factories can build a lighter and a structurally weaker home using less material.

A modular home is built using many of the same building techniques that are typically used in conventionally built homes. Since production levels are higher in a factory, many green building techniques can be employed at a faster and cheaper rate. This creates a better green product than many conventional homes built at the same price.

With this huge leap in sustainable building, modular homes have begun to take the lead in the green home field. Many homeowners are turning to modular homes for their use of sustainable materials and green building practices. Not only is the price right, but the larger selection of recycled materials, greener products and low carbon footprint make conventional builders feel out of the loop.

As a conventional builder, I have worked on many modular homes. In most cases it is for a repair. Many homeowners have been lulled by the fact that price and environmental impact are worth the risk of buying a pre-manufactured home. The truth is a modular home is a glorified trailer.

A modular home conforms to a national code versus a national and local code that all conventional built homes must conform to. This might not sound like a big deal, but let me give you a for instance. An area I frequently work in requires homes to withstand high winds generated from costal storms. This requires us to a cornicopia of metal straps and bracing with approved nails, bolts and screws to roofing, walls and foundation, tying a structure together to withstand wind loads of up to 120 mph. National codes are much less stringent since most of the nation doesn’t get hurricanes and tornadoes.

You can see how the difference in local codes could affect a structure in areas with heavy snow, flooding, earthquakes or other local issues. It also affects the bottom line of the modular home company. Conform to every local code and disrupt the assembly line, or continue to build sub par structures and make money off of the green building buzz?

My name is Robert Lee, a father of a 12-year old daughter. I used to work as a builder (part-owner) of modular, container homes in Atlanta. I am now involved in designing automated homes or what they call the 'smart homes'. I admire how the technology surprises us from time to time. But this blog represents how I truly understand smart homes. It's not just about technology that's making it smart, it's about how we find peace and a worry-free life when we are in it.

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