• Transportable Homes Perth

    Why transportable homes?

    For those looking to have their homes up and standing within the shortest time possible, transportable homes are the way to go. If you want to build a home with simplicity and cost-effective hassle-free construction, you are in the right place. Portable homes are attractive and bring along all the aesthetics you ever wanted. They are robust and comfortable to live in. Every component of the house is built and designed from the yard and transported to the site installed and fixed on-site by qualified construction specialists with the least amount of time for you to move in the soonest possible.

    Benefits of relocatable homes

    • They are comfortable to live in, in case you are relocating to another place you can move along with your house, sounds funny but it is the reality, your home can be disassembled and transported to your new plot.
    • They are highly customisable, builders and engineers will design and build you a home of your dreams. They will design a home for you no matter how difficult it seems. They will strive to achieve the design in your mind and deliver with utmost precision that will exceed your expectations.
    • Materials used to fix and build your home meets the minimum industrial requirements and specifications, and their final homes meet the building standards as stipulated in the law governing constructions.
    • Pre-built components are readily available in the construction yards, what is there is to design and customise the materials to meet the customers’ needs. These pre-built components like walls are transported to any part of the country at no extra charge.
    • The low cost of manufacturing these components translates to a fast building time favourable to you if you are in a hurry to settle in. The low cost of raw materials will lead to prices being exceptionally affordable.

    Aust Wide Transportable Homes in Perth specializes in these types of houses.

    Types of relocatable homes available

    Portable homes

    If it is a cottage you require or a home for a large family, you are well covered. High quality and affordable homes that suit your home requirements are readily available. Components are pre-built and then transported to the site for easy and affordable home construction. In case you want to relocate to another place, you move along with your home. Everything will be disassembled and transported to the site and refixed again.  Your home will be up and standing within a day.

    Kit homes

    Kit homes provide the most affordable way to build and own a house. Major components of your house are pre-built; therefore, they are transported to the site and fixed to stand again. Pre-built components are pre-built in the yards and delivered to the site. Other home elements like windows and doors are supplied by other vendors separately and installed on-site and fixed by a building and construction engineer. Owning a home is such fun with kit homes.

    Modular homes

    Just like kits home, modular homes are built off-the-site and transported to the site in pieces and elements that are easily fixed up together. Your dream home will be up and standing within a day or two.

    The downside of the transportable homes:

    • If not well fixed, the homes will be susceptible to the whirlwind and harsh weather conditions.
    • They require regular maintenance to make them stay longer, especially those joined parts of a home.
    • A limited number of the story allowed using this kind of building and construction.