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    One way to avoid financial risks from a potential property is to have it inspected for pests. It would be a devastating discovery if the house you just bought is infested with pests.

    Pest inspection Gold Coast provides services that look beyond the cosmetic cover-up usually sellers resort to. What an untrained eye will miss will easily be seen and understood by a professional pest inspector.

    Knowing more about pests

    Any animal or plant that has eating and living conditions deemed hazardous to a man’s health is considered a pest.

    • Mosquitoes are carriers of disease-causing microorganisms and parasites
    • Ross River virus and Murray Valley encephalitis are also carried by mosquitoes
    • Caterpillars and grasshoppers that eat and destroy vegetables and crops
    • Rats and mice are examples of pests that destroy stored food. Their faeces and urine contaminate stored food such as grains, biscuits, and rice.
    • Foxes and feral dogs that attack and eat farm animals including lambs, sheep, and goats.
    • Eating holes in clothes to destroy them is caused by another type of pest known as silverfish
    • Foundations are weakened and destroyed by termites. They may be small but a community of them can significantly damage timber floors and walls
    • Skin irritation can be caused by bed bugs.

    Methods to control pests

    Your specific pest issues can be eradicated with methods created for them. Your choice of pest control method should use the following guidelines to help control their infestation.

    Know the pest you’re dealing with

    The first step towards controlling the infestation is to know the kind of pest you are dealing with. A cockroach and a mouse are easy to identify pests. However, you may have to come with a different strategy with pests that leave difficult ambiguous clues. A pest technician is the right professional to help you identify the kind of pest in your home.

    Know how much is needed to control the pest

    Resorting to extensive treatments to eliminate all pests is understandable but quite unreasonable. Pest elimination and pest control are different. Your course of action should be based on the following questions:

    • Should the lawn become bare of weeds?
    • Do you need to eliminate all types of insects in your lawn even those that do not cause any harm?
    • Can you go for fruits, flower or vegetable substitutes that do not attract pests?
    • Are there members of the family that show sensitivity to chemicals?

    Know the proper solution

    The information gathered in steps 1 and 2 can now give you an idea about the proper pest elimination solution. A pest specialist can advise you on this if you are undecided.

    Assess the effectiveness of the solution

    Do the pest elimination right away based on your pest control decision. Assess the result after some time to see its effectiveness.

    • Was there a significant reduction in the number of pests after treatment?
    • Is a non-chemical method better than using a chemical pesticide?

    Always remember that eliminating pests is harder than preventing them from invading your home in the first place. Preventing them from living in your property is the better solution all around. Do you have a pest problem in your home that needs a professional inspection and elimination? Book a Gold Coast pest inspection company with expert knowledge and good reputation.