• Using shutter doors in your Sydney property

    Shutter doors vary in the way they are opened and closed. They can be coiling, or rolling doors consisting of horizontal slats hinged together to form a curtain-like door. The shutter doors are lifted to open and lowered to close. Shutter doors vary in sizes, and they are highly customisable to meet the requirements of every door. They can be installed to secure a business hall or on top of glass or wooden doors to improve security. It is advisable to motorise the shutter doors when they are extra-large.

    Components of shutter doors


    They are hollow steel, stainless steel or aluminum bars arranged together and held by hinges to form a shutter flat surface on the whole doorway.


    They are tubes made of aluminum or steel supported on either end by a plate.

    Shutter box

    Steel or aluminum extrusion box designed to guard the shutter door internal components like hinges, roller bars, etc.

    Shutter spring

    Shutter spring is in two forms; flat spring and wire spring, wire spring is made of spring wire also known as torsion spring, while flat spring is made of hardened and tempered strips in coils. They support you while raising the shutter door to open by pulling it upwards.

    Guide rail

    Steel or aluminum that retains the shutter curtain in between the opening. They are weathered to reduce vibration and increase lifespan by reducing wear and tear.

    Bottom slat

    It can be steel and aluminum or in other cases PVC. It matches the shutter curtain on the bottom edge. To reduce wear and draught, add weather seal or rubber.


    Used to secure the curtain slats in place, you can lock them with bullet lock or sliding lock.

    Pros and cons of shutter doors


    • Increases value: They are not only used to protect but also adds aesthetics to your building or premise. In the case of a home, the sale value and profit margin will increase when you install shutter doors before selling. Meanwhile, before you let, enjoy the beauty and luxury associated with shutter doors.
    • Durability: It is a long term investment when you install shutter doors on your premises. They last for decades if maintained well.
    • Easy to clean: Shutter doors have low maintenance, and they are easy to clean. Use a duster to remove settled dust and damp cloth to remove spills.
    • Versatility: Shutter doors come in different sizes, colors, and designs. Choose a shutter door that meets your taste. Shutter doors have different qualities, therefore, prices are varied.
    • Light control: By adjusting the louvers, you can regulate the amount of light entering into the premise. Shutter doors allow varied view throughs that are adjustable. Additionally, close the shutters completely to achieve total darkness in the room.


    • Highly-priced: This con prevents many from accessing and installing shutter doors in their homes or even in their premises. Everybody loves shutter doors, but the price hinders them from buying.
    • No hiding: With shutter doors in place, it is impossible to hide them completely out of sight when we don’t need them. Many homes or premise owners would like something that disappears when not needed and comes back during the evening hours to secure the premises from intruders.
    • Lead times: to procure shutter doors takes a relatively long time compared to other options of door covers.                                                                                                                                                                                                      

    Defence Shutters install shutter doors in Sydney. Give them a call so you can have properly installed shutter doors to secure your Sydney property.