• Blocked Drains Melbourne

    Blocked drains involve blocked toilets drains, blocked shower drainage system and blocked sewer drain system. It requires sophisticated tools and equipment to unblock blocked drainage. It also takes a professional plumber to successfully clear the blocked mess within a minimal time frame and without so much fuss around. A blocked drain requires immediate attention considering the discomfort to the inhabitants of the neighbourhood. A good plumbing professional ought to showcase his expertise by sticking to the rules and safety measures and more importantly keep a diary and observe it properly. Their services are paramount, and for them to flourish their business, they should be good time trackers.

    What causes a blocked drain?

    The cause of a blocked drain depends on the type of drain in question. Normally the common suspects are the solid materials along the pipeline. Solid materials along the drainage line prevent the water from flowing, causing a blockage. The blockages occur when a gradual build-up of solid materials becomes too much until it blocks the pipeline causing total blockage to the pipeline. In other cases, tree roots may deform pipelines causing a blockage. Tree roots may also invade the drainage line holding solid materials little by little until it accumulates to form a full blockage to the drainage line. This when a plumber is called upon to clear and unblock the drainage line, armed with the right tools and equipment, and a bit of formal training, it should take a little time to clear up the mess. When faced with a serious blockage on your drains, don’t hesitate to call a plumber you know or seek for their services from a renowned firm. It is advisable to interview your plumber before you give a green light. Ask them to present their practice license and ascertain their work experience. If satisfactory, let them do the job, in satisfactory, don’t fear to turn them away. Don’t forget to negotiate the price for the services beforehand. A qualified and experienced plumber should be confident to unblock the blocked drainage within no time.

    Rampant causes of blocked drains

    • Stormwater and blocked sewer- when you see overflowing water or when you smell a sewer from within, it is without a doubt, there is a blocked drain somewhere. The chances are that there is a blocked drain nearby. Drains can amass all kinds of waste materials and dirt that include garden debris, leaves, and inorganic material which can easily cause blockage along the way.
    • Tree roots deforming plastic drainage pipes or invading into the pipelines. Roots can deform plastic drainage pipes and can invade into the concrete drainage systems. When they invade into the drainage, they hold other small materials and accumulate them until they are enough to cause a serious blockage.
    • Using too much toilet paper, flushing down sanitary pads or any other solid object may lead to toilet drainage blockage. A blocked toilet is devastating, especially when it happens near the entry point. A bad smell that comes along is agonising. People should avoid flushing down things like sanitary pads because they are a recipe for disaster.
    • Food particles and remains, other kitchen debris may accumulate in the sink, causing a serious blockage on the draining system. With prior knowledge and tools & equipment, it should be easy to personally clear the blockage without the need of a plumber.
    • Soap particles and soap wrappers, toothpaste and body dirt may accumulate enough to block a bath drain system.

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