• Improved Brisbane Intercom and Security systems

    Yesterday, intercoms were considered as just intra-office and basic entry control systems. In Brisbane today, Brisbane intercom and security services have become incredibly versatile with the integration of compatible network video and other security layers. The modern intercom now provides businesses with cost-saving, convenient, and high-performing security.

    Businesses are provided improved security with the high technology integrated with intercoms.

    Hands-free Access Control

    Facial recognition software integrated into a network-attached video intercom creates hands-free access control for employees of businesses. As the price of the biometric software continues to fall, this type of intercom security system provides the perfect solution for small businesses and schools.

    Using the intercom security system requires a network database of employee photos. As employees go near the entrance, the intercom captures their faces which are then compared to the software database. The intercom gives the signal to unlock the door only when there’s a facial match. This kind of security system omits the need for office staff intervention, cards or readers every time an employee needs access. Embedded readers integrated into intercoms are also popularly used by some businesses. Using this type of access control requires employees to use a card whenever they want to access an authorized area.

    Boost security using live video

    An intercom door station integrated with live video and security camera levels up the entry security of any building. A broader look at the faces of incoming people and a broad view of the entrance is enabled with a master station that can switch between video sources.

    A facility using an intercom security system integrated with live video quickly identifies people attempting to smuggle contraband or weapons. Tailgaters are also discouraged with this type of security system.

    The best response for a call to help can also be quickly formulated by first responders with the additional live cameras mounted on the arms of existing CCTV security systems.

    Wired and wireless intercom systems

    A range of wired or wireless video door phones and intercom entry include:

    • Moving video monitors
    • Multi-zone capability
    • High-definition sound

    A wide range of connectivity options for indoor and outdoor intercom systems

    • The choice of multi-button or single-button intercom systems fitted to any building type or size
    • Enable up-close video images and clear audio communication between people in separate rooms or on different floors
    • Allow programming of specific times for scheduled deliveries
    • Great to use for monitoring children
    • Provides reports on people authorized to enter the premises on specific times
    • Enables authorized entry to any location of the building using remote access

    Varied types of Intercom Security Systems

    Wired Intercom Systems

    Eliminating potential interference from nearby systems as well as some privacy is gained from a wired intercom system.

    Apartment Intercoms

    The entry door of an apartment building unlocks only when a tenant allows the visitor after they have talked via the intercom.

    Wireless Intercom Systems

    A wireless intercom system offers the best option for structures or situations that are unable to use wires.

    Video Intercom Systems

    A video intercom system typically includes:

    • Speaker
    • Push-button connected to an entrance door
    • Internal monitor unit communicating directly with the entrance unit
    • Camera

    Intercom security systems have evolved a lot from the image of being a single-line connected to a single-button door buzzer panel.