• Custom marquees for successful events

    Are you looking for a custom marquee to add a personal touch to your events?  Custom marquees make for unique and memorable events. Add your brand image and logo to customize in any color. For information on custom marquees and types of materials, read on.

    Types of custom marquees

    Frame marquees are the most common type used for events. They comprise of a metal frame and a fabric cover. Frame marquees are strong, durable and used for large events. They are customizable in different colors and designs offering protection from the elements. However, these are quite heavy and difficult to transport requiring a big space to set up. For a large event then a frame marquee is an ideal choice.

    Inflatable marquees are lightweight and easy to transport. Easily set them up for smaller events. However, they have limited durability and might puncture or tear easily. They are not good protection from the elements. Only use inflatable marquees when the weather is good and you only care for aesthetics.

    Pop up marquees are quick and easy to set up being lightweight and easy to transport. Like inflatable marquees, they have limited durability and are noisy during windy conditions.

    Luxury marquees are for those who go all out on their event. They have a premium and luxurious look which is customizable in different colors and designs. However, they are heavy and difficult to transport and expensive as well.

    Clear span marquees have a clear and open space and useful for large events. They are customized in different colors and designs but require a lot of space to set up.  Modular marquees are easily expandable and can be reduced in size depending upon the number of people attending the event. They offer protection from the elements and customizable with various designs.

     Marquees are made from different materials for example polyester PVC and canvas. Each have their own advantages. Choose material based upon your personal preference and the weather. To protect the guests from the weather you need to invest in strong and durable marquees. The marquees are made from metal frames whether aluminum or steel to provide structural support. Marquees made with metal frames should be your first choice because of durability.

    Investing in inflatable marquees is better because they are easy to set up and portable but they puncture and tear easily and have limited durability. There are weather sensitive luxury marquees that are premium looking and durable. But they’re expensive and heavy requiring special maintenance.

    There are several reasons to invest in custom marquees. Firstly you can choose the color and design to match your events theme. You also get to select the perfect size and shape to fit your event. Adding features like lighting, flooring and furniture enhance the marquee experience. However, marquees available off the shelf need to be customized and are not the first choice when setting up a corporate event or a special event like a wedding. Jot down your needs and speak with the manufacturer to choose the perfect custom marquee designs for your event.