• Gas Fitters Gold Coast- Important gas safety tips from professionals

    Everyone wants their home to be as safe as possible. While people pay attention to things like fire safety, they also need to keep check on gas safety as well. A faulty boiler or a defective heating system could be potentially life threatening. The following are important gas safety tips from gas fitters in Gold Coast.

    Avoiding carbon monoxide poisoning

    When fuels like gas and oil do not burn properly they give off carbon monoxide. When this dangerous gas is released into the air, the oxygen is slowly used up and it is replaced by carbon monoxide. When people breathe it in, it enters the bloodstream and starts poisoning the blood because of the compounds it forms with the plasma. Eventually the cells and tissues in the body slowly start to die. More than a few incidences of carbon monoxide poisoning occur. Most of these are completely avoidable. In order to make sure that all your gas equipment is working properly, yearly checks from professional gas fitters could help keep problems in check.

    What are the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning?

    The major problem with this poisonous gas is that it a silent killer. It doesn’t have a specific odor, doesn’t have a color and has no taste. However, if you are aware regarding the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning it can help safe precious lives.

    • Frequent headaches are a symptom of carbon monoxide poisoning. However headaches are caused by a variety of other medical reasons as well.
    • Feelings of dizziness or vertigo
    • Constant nausea and vomiting
    • Difficulty in breathing or feeling breathless all of a sudden
    • Collapsing without a warning
    • Losing consciousness

    While all of these above mentioned symptoms could mean other medical diseases but keep an eye out for symptoms which occur no matter where you are and symptoms which only occur while you are at home.

    What to do in case you suspect a gas leak?

    • As soon as you suspect a gas leak make sure to stop using all appliances which make use of gas for examples your stoves and ovens and your water heaters.
    • Make sure to open up all vents and windows to allow the fresh air to seep in. if possible evacuate your home without causing a panic.
    • Call in emergency plumbing services or rather its best to call in the experts at a gas company. They would ensure that the gas supply to your home is immediately cut off
    • If you have a major concern regarding someone who might be at risk of poisoning with obvious symptoms rush them to the hospital

    Improving home safety

    Make sure that you get the gas equipment checked on a regular basis. Also make sure that you hire gas fitters located in Gold Coast. They would ensure that everything is instead properly and would check your property for signs of leaks or any other potential hazards. Any appliance which you own are certified or meet the gas regulations.