• House Rendering Sydney- Rendering options for home owners

    If you have been considering house rendering in Sydney, there are several options available for home owners. The following are some of the most common types of rendering options. Each of these have their own set of advantages. It is therefore important that you choose one which is best suited for your home.

    Cement rendering

    • One of the most common kinds of house rendering in Sydney, cement rendering is the first choice of most home owners.
    • Cement renders are already painted and add a visual appeal to the walls.
    • It also prevents the moisture for penetrating into the walls and therefore ensures extra protection for the walls. This means that the walls won’t crumble due to weathering.
    • Cement rendering however works better for homes with a newer construction. It wouldn’t work for homes built more than three decades ago because cement render is pretty hard and the walls might not be able to bear the additional weight of the render.
    • The main reason for its popularity is that its budget friendly yet improves the aesthetic appeal of the house to quite an extent.

    Lime rendering

    • Lime rendering has been around for ages and once was the most common kind of rendering used by contractors.
    • It’s more of a breathable option and works well for older homes as well. This is because its bot as hard and somehow expands and contracts with the changes in the weather.

    Polymer rendering

    • This is one of the newer innovations of rendering. While it might not be the most popular option, it has its own set of advantages.
    • It comprises of a bi of white cement and a silicone water repellent. It can help keep the moisture away.
    • This is a render which would work for homes with walls made from bricks or wood.

    Monocouche rendering

    • Monocouche render refers to a render which is applied diagonally in a single layer.
    • It can help prevent weathering and also adds a better look to the exterior of the home.
    • One of the advantages of this kind of render is that it doesn’t require a base coat and works well for modern homes and buildings.
    • It might comprise of a mix of lime render as well as polymer renders

    Insulated rendering

    • This is considered an environment friendly render. This is because it can help reduce the carbon footprint.
    • One third of the heat or cold in a building is lost due to the energy escaping through the walls. Adding a layer of insulated render can help reduce the energy loss and also help save energy.

    Acrylic rendering

    • Acrylic rendering serves more as a finishing coat for homes with already existing render on the walls.
    • It comprises of aggregate which is made from fragments which are pieced together loosely. These are usually added for deign purposes or to provide different kind of finishing to a wall. It can help seal the previous render into the wall and helps make it more durable.

    Choose from any kinds of rendering options and talk to Sydney based ANB Rendering.