• Decorating Ideas for Making Your Home Exercise Room / Gym More Appealing

    Do you find that you are not inspired to exercise even though you have a home gym or exercise room in your home? The problem may be that you find the room cold, uninspiring and unappealing. This area is often ignored due and thought of a rough and rugged utilitarian room instead of a pleasant room to enjoy. Here are some small exercise room design ideas to make your space more enjoyable and inviting.

    Creative Use of Mirrors: I think the reason I avoided my own home gym, previously decorated by my husband is the full wall of mirrors. I already know what I look like. I really don’t need a full sized constant reminder from every angle in the room. I was actually kind of glad when a nephew threw a toy car and cracked the mirrors. They had to go. Instead of the shocking wall to wall mirrors, how about just one floor mirror in the corner that you can stand in front of when you want to check out the physique.

    Colors that make you move: Instead of stale industrial grays, and other boring colors, use colors that energize. Paint your home gym red, purple, or even orange or school bus yellow. You want to jump up and down when you are in your home gym, not take a nap. Of course, painting the entire room that color may be overwhelming, so breaking up the wall color with posters and prints might also be a good idea.

    Media to keep you engaged: Who is going to exercise if they are just staring at a wall? You will need music and a television in the room to give you something to think about besides how tired you are. If possible, you can even set up computer monitor on the wall in front of the treadmill with a portable keyboard that can be placed on the console so you can read your emails and surf the web while you work.

    Ideas for relaxation: The exercise room should also be conducive for gentle stretch sessions and yoga. Make sure you have dimmers on your lights, and some candles on a low table to set the mood for these low-key exercise sessions.

    So if you find that you are not using your exercise room like you want to, maybe you should go and consider redecorating the room. Once you do that, you won’t have any more excuses.